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An engaging route that masterfully blends strong brand strategy with a memorable brand identity.

An engaging route that masterfully blends strong brand strategy with a memorable brand identity.

Arqa: Building the Future of Romanian Real Estate on a 30-Year Foundation

Arqa: Building the Future of Romanian Real Estate on a 30-Year Foundation

Arqa is a trailblazing real estate development brand, born from the rich legacy of a renowned building company with a 30-year history in the Romanian market - Pedro Construct.

As one of the country’s most prominent players in the construction industry, this company has decided to embark on a new journey, focusing on the real estate development sector.

To ensure the successful launch of this new venture, they turned to the DeepLink framework, a comprehensive branding approach that would provide them with a robust brand strategy to act as a guiding light for their future communication efforts.

Unearthing the Core Benefits and Motivational Drivers

Unearthing the Core Benefits and Motivational Drivers

In our first workshop, we delved into the functional benefits of the development company, evaluating and prioritizing them to uncover the true essence of the organization.

Through our discussions, we determined that the most defining benefits of the new brand were its 30 years of experience, financial strength and exceptional operational standards.

These core benefits led to 15 additional value vectors, such as legacy, timely delivery, buy-back programs, and forward-thinking development strategies, among others.

The SCARF insight : Certainty

The SCARF insight : Certainty

By aligning these 18 benefits with the SCARF neuroscientific model, we pinpointed the primary motivational driver.

This crucial insight provided a clear direction for understanding the target audience’s psychological profile – individuals who prioritize Certainty, view the world through a lens of certainty, and seek to know what the future holds for them every day.

With this valuable information in hand, we moved on to the next stage: the archetypal mindset discovery workshop.


Delving Deep into Buyer Persona Psychology

Creating a robust connection between the customer mindset and the essence of the business.

Our second workshop served as an interactive exploration, where we examined 60 archetypes to determine which best aligned with the company’s functional benefits.

We thoroughly investigated each aspect of the buyer persona we were crafting.
In the family domain, the Patriarch, Caregiver, and Guardian archetypes emerged as the top contenders, perfectly resonating with Arqa’s primary benefit of proven expertise. In the social sphere, the Engineer archetype, characterized by a curiosity for technical details, and the Entrepreneur, who views apartments as investment vehicles, stood out.

Additionally, we identified five more archetypes that defined other facets of the buyer persona.

Uncovering the Pain Point

Uncovering the Pain Point

By weaving a captivating narrative that integrated all ten archetypes shaping the buyer persona, we uncovered a significant insight into the target audience’s pain point.

As a family protector, the buyer experiences constant pressure stemming from uncertainty about their loved ones’ future. To alleviate this pressure, they have an inherent need to maintain control.

Defining the Brand Positioning and Archetype

Defining the Brand Positioning and Archetype

Upon identifying the pain point, we understood that the brand must position itself as an entity providing a sense of control. We had solid RBS (Reasons to Believe) for this: 30 years of experience, high standards in building operations, and the financial strength to overcome any challenge and deliver on promises to customers.

Consequently, we organically identified the brand territory: Persistence – the ability to overcome any challenge to keep the given promise.

The Brand Archetype emerged naturally from earlier insights: The Ruler, symbolizing Power and Control, a guarantor of Certainty with a profound desire to create harmony and timeless structures. A home that offers a sense of control.

The brand strategy process culminated in consolidating all branding insights into a comprehensive brand strategy report, which also served as an engaging creative brief for the next phase of brand development: the brand identity.

Crafting the Perfect Name

Crafting the Perfect Name

We analyzed a series of name concepts, each deeply anchored in the brand strategy insights. After several iterations, we chose “Arqa” – a self-explanatory name that conveys overcoming any challenge.

Arqa, the Romanian word for “the ark,” is a succinct, memorable name that tells a story without needing further explanation. It evokes difficult times and symbolizes the power to triumph over any obstacle.


Designing a Powerful Logo and Visual Identity

Designing a Powerful Logo and Visual Identity

A series of logo concepts was proposed, incorporating the Ruler archetype symbolism while also conveying a sense of authority.

The selected design, “The Lion,” is memorable and modern, projecting an image of power and harmony by skillfully balancing visual elements with negative spaces to infuse rhythm into the composition.

The double image features both a dramatic view of the ark and a lion’s head with waves as its mane.

The chosen typography situates the brand within a modern trend, and the color scheme supports the communication of the royal aspect of the Ruler archetype infused throughout the branding process.

The overall look and feel of the visual identity system projects a solid corporate brand, rooted in modern design trends and focused on the future. Acting as a brand promise, the slogan “Towards the Future” is reinforcing the branding strategy insights.

We proceeded to create a range of brand collaterals, ensuring visual consistency across all corporate stationery. This visual coherence across all brand touchpoints is crucial for fostering trust with clients, as it reflects Arqa’s commitment to delivering a high-quality, cohesive experience at every interaction.

By consistently upholding the brand’s visual identity, we communicate Arqa’s core values and promise of reliability, helping to solidify its position as a leading real estate developer in the Romanian market.

We are currently developing a new series of materials, as I continue to maintain a long-term relationship with Arqa’s representatives.

Together, we form a robust and productive team, united by a common objective: to elevate Arqa’s brand to the pinnacle of the well-known Romanian real estate development brands, akin to a storied ark that triumphed over the great flood, ultimately finding refuge at the summit of a mountain—symbolizing the epitome of control and authority.


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