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Fostering Growth in Showrooms with a Brand Infused Experience

Nativo's Showroom – Where Every Touchpoint Echoes the Brand's Voice

Nativo, a beacon of luxury in the interior finishes sector, was birthed from the experienced arms of Premier Com, a renowned distributor to major DIY stores.

The company noticed a growing need – the final consumer yearned for a direct connection, and a premium brand experience. And so, Nativo was born, aiming to blend high-quality products with an immersive showroom experience.

Unlocking Emotions: The Functional To Emotional Journey

Our first workshop was about decoding. We listed functional benefits that emerged from the shopping experience and, through a laddering process, unearthed the emotional benefits they triggered.

It was like unearthing treasures – from a vast product range, renowned product brands, and good client service sprung feelings of high status, control, inspiration, and originality in home décor.

Each of these emotional benefits laid the groundwork for a unique and personalized customer journey, transforming the retail experience into a powerful source of self-expression and personal fulfillment.

The SCARF Model Mapping - using neuroscience to identify the audience

In the intricate web of consumer psychology, we employed the SCARF neuroscientific model as our compass. This model provided an enriched understanding of our target audience's behavioral responses.

As we correlated each emotional benefit with the SCARF model, a dominant theme surfaced – Autonomy.

A sense of control over their home décor project, the privilege to choose from a broad product range, and assurance of good client service – all these functional benefits were quenching the customer’s thirst for Autonomy. Thus, the Autonomy facet of the SCARF model became our North Star, directing us towards a branding strategy that would resonate deeply with Nativo’s audience.


Navigating the Psyche with Jungian Archetypes

Our journey towards understanding the Nativo audience brought us to the intricate exploration of their psychological profiles.

It was as if we were walking through the labyrinth of human minds, each twist and turn revealing new aspects of their needs and desires. Navigating through 60 archetypal scenarios helped us to sketch a detailed psychological portrait of the potential customer.

We uncovered their fundamental need to translate inner visions into their living spaces, craving authenticity that reflects their unique identities.

Pain Point: Bringing Inner Visions to Life

Pain Point: Bringing Inner Visions to Life

Like the climax in a mystery novel, we unearthed the customer’s pain point – the deep-seated need to mirror their identity authentically in their space. It was the universal longing to realize an inner vision, and we had found the key to resonate with it.

This Strategic Insight shone a light on their deepest desire, to transform their living spaces into a canvas that authentically reflects their personality and unique style

Uncovering the Roots of Nativo's Brand Territory and Values

Uncovering the Roots of Nativo's Brand Territory and Values

As we delved deeper into our branding journey, the brand territory of Nativo took form. Embracing Clarity, Nativo emerged as an authenticity beacon, providing clients straightforward routes to materialize their visions.

Building on this, we identified three fundamental brand values that would act as the key pillars of Nativo’s communication: Authenticity, Transformation, and Expertise. These not only reflect the essence of the brand archetype but also resonate with the real needs of Nativo clients, thereby establishing the brand’s relevance and relatability.

Our strategic journey came full circle as we wrapped up this phase with a comprehensive report capturing the brand position, values, purpose, and much more. 

This report served as a foundational blueprint for the subsequent stages of our journey, the brand naming and visual identity creation.


In our quest to define Nativo's brand identity, we aligned with the Rebel Brand Archetype . This bold choice was inspired by our audience's desire for a brand that stands for authenticity and transformation.

The Rebel, embodying Nativo’s spirit, defies norms and champions authentic self-expression in interior design, making the brand resonate deeply with its audience.

Brand Naming:
How Nativo Found its Voice

Brand Naming:
How Nativo Found its Voice

Choosing a name is not just about choosing a word; it's about choosing an identity. A name encapsulates the essence of a brand and helps create a lasting connection with the audience.

This was exactly our aim during the naming stage of Nativo.

With the brand strategy and archetype well-defined, we embarked on an exploration of potential names that could reflect both the rebellious spirit of the brand and address the pain points of its audience.  Through three rounds of thoughtful proposals, one name emerged triumphant: 


This name resonated deeply with our branding journey, embodying the authenticity, transformation, and the discovery of one's self that our rebel archetype sought to express.

The Slogan: nativo's Brand Positioning Embodied

The Slogan:
nativo's Brand Positioning Embodied

Adding depth to this identity, we crafted the powerful slogan – acasă eşti tu! (home is about you).

This slogan serves as a potent reminder of the freedom to be authentic, the liberty to shed pretenses, and the comfort of being in one’s personal space, aligning perfectly with the brand’s core values. Combination of a distinct name and an impactful slogan creates a lasting, positive impression, making nativo not just memorable but also truly original.


Visual storytelling: unfolding nativo's Visual Identity

Visual storytelling: unfolding nativo's Visual Identity

Our chosen creative concept merged the Rebel's symbolism and the narrative of authenticity, setting the brand apart from others in the industry.

The Rebel archetype guided the creation of nativo’s visual identity.

This concept revolves around the symbolism of a labyrinth, with a fetus at its center, representing the journey towards discovering one’s self, and echoing the brand name, nativo.

The chosen concept gave birth to an original symbol, successfully creating a robust statement that positions nativo as a pathway towards discovering authenticity. 

Through this distinct visual identity, we were able to encapsulate the essence of nativo, effectively communicating its brand values and purpose.

In developing nativo’s visual language, our goal was to create a distinctive, visually appealing, and authentic representation that would resonate with its target audience.

The typography chosen for Nativo is modern, sans-serif, and geometric, but it’s not entirely devoid of character. Its subtle curves soften the technical appearance, creating a harmonious link with the symbol and reflecting the brand’s authenticity.

Color plays a crucial role in defining a brand’s identity and emotional resonance. The color palette for Nativo is built around a central color: Orange. This color, known for its vitality and passion, best represents the Rebel archetype. It also injects freshness into the market category and resonates with the consumers’ journey of discovery and transformation.

Complementing the creative concept, I designed a series of Brand Illustrations and visuals that integrate the brand identity organically with product photographs and brand rhetoric were developed.

These elements, together with the chosen typography and color palette, form a cohesive and comprehensive visual language for Nativo, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints and deepening the brand’s relationship with its audience.

Nativo's Brand Book:
A Treasure Map for Consistency

Nativo's Brand Book:
A Treasure Map for Consistency

Our journey culminated in a comprehensive brand book, a map for advertising agencies, a guide for consistency, and a treasure trove for creatives to understand and express the brand’s ideology fully.


With an exceptional architectural concept, Nativo’s showroom became the subject of admiration among industry experts.

nativo was not only recognized by consumers and industry experts but also gained prestige in the architectural world. The prestigious architectural publication, Igloo, featured nativo’s showroom in an article titled “A Contemporary Labyrinth: The Nativo Showroom,” describing it as an “architectural sculpture in intense colors impressing with its geometric lines and leading us through a maze of the most beautiful materials for decorations.”


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